Doniphan is near the center of Ripley County on the east bank of the Current River in the Ozark foothills near the Arkansas border. It is centrally located between the 4 metro areas of St. Louis, Springfield, Little Rock and Memphis, and is served by State Highways 21 and 142, as well as US Highway 160.

Ripley County located in southeast Missouri along the beautiful Current River. Ripley County , Missouri is a wonderful place to live and work We love the Current River which borders our city limits and is a attraction to Ripley County and southeast Missouri for tubers, canoes, boats, fishing, hiking, kayaks and campers. Also Ripley County is located in southeast Missouri that has 1000's of acres of Government forest land. We who live here are able to enjoy so many things such as quite laid back life style, out door recreation, Current and Eleven point rivers,The Irish wilderness It is open to the public for hunting, hiking, camping , horseback riding on the equestrian trails., four wheeling, bird watching or just for the outdoor nature lover. Ripley County is rich in historic history, such as the Civil War, Trail of Tears , Doniphan Pioneer Homestead and old cemeteries. Ripley County located in the southeast Missouri Ozark foothills which makes for a great place to explore the countryside.